Ultimate UV party experience for children's parties.

Glow in the dark with a UV party.

Buy UV Face&Body paint. ← click here to purchase UV Face & Body paints, nail varnish and lip stick.
Full details of our → UV SERVICE HERE.

Try something different with our UV lighting. Older kids will love a UV party.

We will provide UV lighting, lasers, glow sticks, UV bubble machine, UV balloons, a UV confetti canon and UV crepe paper for the tables.

At a cost of £2 per person we can also provide UV face paint and UV nails.

The venue must be dark for this party to work, so we recommend that you book this party in the evening, or book a venue that has blacked out curtains at the windows.

Because the room is dark, lite in UV lighting we do not play as many games at this party (we play some but not all and only if wanted), plus radio edit current and popular chart music and also some dance routine cheesy party songs.

Suitable for children aged 8 to 16, this is the only service that we provide for children over 11 years old.

If your booking a UV party, ask all the children who are going to wear some really cool UV clothing. The children will love dancing to all thier favourite songs, while glowing in the dark.

To find out more about our UV party service, email us and put in the subject title UV party or call Simon on the details below.

For this service (subject to availability) contact enquiry@kidsfundisco.co.uk or ring 0797 4621 879.