About Children's Party Entertainment based in Rochester Kent.

About Us.

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Mobile disco party playing pass the parcel. Hello my name is Simon, if you like call me Simple Simon.
Simple Simon says "put your hands on your head"
Simple Simon says "put your hands on your knees"
Simple Simon says "put your hands on your head"
"put your hands on the floor"
Ok so who touched the floor? Your out. But do you remember playing Simple Simon?
Simple Simon says "read on"

I have been a DJ for over 20 years. In all that time I have learnt how to play and mix music, how to change a venue from plain looking to a more pleasing look with lighting fixtures. What lights work best and how to get the best sound from the speakers I use. It is learning the skills for the job that I do, like many professions in the world, how to use the tools of my job to complete the task of that job. However like in many professions you can be just happy with doing just enough to get the job done, or you can progress deeper into that job to find out exactly which part of that profession you actually love. 5 years ago I started to give a DJ service to children’s parties and found that I enjoyed doing them, but I never really concentrated on them until 2015. In 2015 I started to feel less happy as a DJ in every day adult parties, but grew more of an interest in children’s entertainment. For the first time in 20 years I started to learn party dances, look into better ways to perform. Being a DJ who just sets up a sound and light show and mixing the music was not enough. I started to feel a real joy in dancing with children, teaching them dance routines to many party dances, running around and playing games creating new games to work alongside old ones, a joy of getting away from the DJ booth and getting out with my audience, being more than a DJ, being an entertainer. The smiles on children’s faces, the energy and enjoyment that comes from every child at a party, makes me feel a delight of a job well done, I got the buzz back and the enjoyment of my job.
There are many different parties and I have done them all. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate, engagement, kid parties, clubs, pubs and much more..... Until 2015 I was a Jack of all and a master of none, but now I feel, I can say, I specialize in children’s DJ entertainment. It took me over 20 years in this profession to find my true passion, (kid’s parties ages 5 – 11.)  So the first 20 years helped me to build the skills I now use to become, the DJ that your child will want for their party.

For your child’s party we can provide you with;

A really cool disco with disco lights and a nice sound system and we play radio edit chart music and party songs. Also if your child has any favourite songs you can give us a little playlist. Mixed in with the music we play games and we provide the sweets and prizes for these activities. Depending on the age of the children does depend on the games we play. We also join in with the children to encourage them more so that every child gets the most out of the party. At times during the fun we play party songs like Steps – 5678 and we dance with the kids to show them some really easy dance routines, which they can then dance too at other parties in the future with their friends. Our service is specialized we are not just another disco.