Games we play at your children's party.

Games we play.

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We do not play all these games at your party. There is only a certain amount of games we can play with the time given and certain games are for certain ages. We also put older children into groups for a group competition.

Musical Statues - Similar to musical bumps, the children dance around while the music plays and must stand still as statues when the music stops. Anyone seen moving after the music has stopped is eliminated. The music starts again and we keep playing until there is a winner.

Musical Bumps - The music starts and the children dance around in the centre of the room until the music stops, when they must sit down on the floor as quickly as possible. The last one down is eliminated. Then the music starts again and we keep playing until there is a winner.

Musical Islands - Just the same as musical statues. Musical Islands - Give everyone a sheet of newspaper, music on , dancing around. When music stops you have to fold your sheet of paper in half and stand on it, no feet on floor. Repeat, folding paper in half and standing on it when music stops, if your foot touches the floor you are out. Ends up with standing on tip toes with one foot on top of the other, if you have good balance. Keep going until you have one player left or you cant fold your paper anymore.

The Limbo - All the children line up and take a turn. We chain together glowsticks or have a long sweet stick and two adults hold each end. The stick is then held up high to make it easy to start with and some music is played. Each child then takes turn to limbo under the stick. If that child has gone under and touched the sick or fallen on the floor, he or she is eliminated, otherwise that child goes to the back of the line for another go. The glowstick/sweet stick goes lower after each child has had a go until there is a winner, who then wins all the glowsticks or sweet stick.

Musical Chairs - Arrange the chairs or cushions around the room, leaving space for the children to skip around and dance. Two lines of chairs in the centre of the room works well. Similar to musical bumps and music statues, the children dance and skip around the chairs while the music plays. When the music stops they must race to sit on a chair or cushion. In the first round there will a space for everybody, but then you remove one chair after each round and the child who doesn't find somewhere to sit is eliminated.

Pass the Parcel - Sit the children in a circle and give the present to the birthday child. Start the music. The children pass the parcel around the circle to the child on their left as long as the music continues. When it stops, the child holding the parcel undoes one layer of wrapping (and, if you have included them, takes a treat). The final layer will open to reveal the prize.

Simple Simon says - Ok a game for the younger parties. We play the song simple simon says to start with then our DJ who is called Simon starts to say some actions. Each time he says Simple Simon says followed by an action the children do the action, if he just says the action and children do the action they are out. A great fun old game from years ago, played once again by Kids Fun Disco.

Straw Game - Divide the children into 2 teams. Place the bowls in 2 lines opposite each other (either along the length of a table or on the ground), with a straw next to each bowl. In the first bowl in each line place a number of M&Ms or other sweets, appropriate for the age of your children - approximately 15-20. (We don't use sweets which have nuts in them unless we are absolutely sure that none of the children at the party have a nut allergy). The children each stand or kneel by a bowl. There will be one spare bowl at the end of the line. At your signal the first player begins to transfer the sweets, one by one, from their bowl to the next bowl along, using only their straw. Absolutely no hands are allowed, even if a sweet is dropped! The next player begins to transfer the sweets as soon as they arrive in his/her bowl into the next one, and so on down the line until all the sweets arrive in the final bowl, at which point that team is declared the winners.

Chopsticks - Each children's team will need a pair of chopsticks, and each team will need two bowls and a number of marbles, Maltesers, Smartees, peanuts or marshmallows.
Place the bowls about 6-8 feet apart, on tables or chairs. Put the objects in one of the bowls. When you call "start", each child from each team must run to the table and put one of his/her objects, using only his/her chopsticks, and carry it to the empty bowl. That child then runs and tags the next team member and sits down at the back of the line, the tagged team member then returns for the next object, and so on until the team has moved all his objects safely across and is the winner.
Hands must not be used at any time! If an object is dropped, it must be picked up and put back in the first bowl. You are only allowed to move one object at a time.
You can make this game easier by varying the objects. Marbles are hardest, marshmallows are easiest!

Chocolate Dress Up - Get a large bar of chocolate or chocolate buttons, a hat, scarf, gloves, and a dice. These go in the middle of the circle of children. They each take turns to throw the dice and when a 6 is thrown, that person goes into the centre of the circle, puts on the hat scarf and gloves and tries to eat the chocolate, while the other children are still throwing the dice. As soon as the next person throws a 6, the one in the middle must stop and take off the hat scarf and gloves for the next person to have a go. It can be infuriating as sometimes, as soon as you've got the hat on the next person throws a 6!

How Many Sweets In The Jar - Simply fill a large jar or other see-through container with a collection of appealing sweets. Ask the children to guess the number of sweets and write their guess down, with their name. When everyone has guessed, reveal how many sweets are in the jar, which has been counted already before the party started. The child who guessed closest wins the lot.

Balloon Relay - Divide the children into two equal groups and line them up each with a un-inflated balloon. About 25 yards away place two chairs. At the staring signal, the first two contestants in each team run to the chairs blow up the balloon and pop it. As soon as it has popped, they run back to their team and tag the next player in line. The first team to pop all their balloons wins.

Mummy Game - This game is for the older children who are in teams. One child stands as the mummy while team friends wrap them up in tissue. We play The Bangles - Walk like an egyptian and when the music finishes the best looking mummy wins.

Sack Race - The children are divided into equal teams. The children in each team will stand at one end of the area and a turning point will be at the opposite end. One at a time from each team the children will get into the sack and hop to the turning area, then get out of the sack and run back to the next team member and hand the sack to the next in line, then sit down at the back. The next child then gets into the sack and does the same. When all the team members have raced, returned and sat down, that team is the winner.

Dancing competition - Near the end of the party 3 adults are asked to be judges, then all the children start to dance. Each judge picks 1 boy and 1 girl. There is then a girl and boy final with the three girls and three boys. Everyone else at the party is asked to be judges. After each final the DJ asks one at a time which was the best dancer. The loudest noise from everyone decides the winner, who wins a cash prize.